Took my new rifle to Alaska for a week of hunting goats! Rained most of the time and when I returned to Az my rifle was badly rusted due to moisture in the case. I brought the rifle to Tim embarrassed of its condtion. I was surprised that the condition didnt seem to phase Tim as he stated " No problem" I can make it look new again, which colors would you like to use. Im thinking WOW this guy really nows his stuff is full of Bs :). Well a week later I can honestly say it was the first option. The rifle looked better than when I bought it unfired from Cabela's. Since then I have taken the same rifle to Alaska and same thing very wet weather. Upon arrival in phx I was expecting same thing (rusted) but it wasnt. Had small water spots but wiped right off easily (as if coated in Teflon). The rifle still looks like it did when I picked it up from being recoated in CERAKOTE!
Bob B Tucson Az


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