I look at several company's before contacting Tim at acoating. I was little weary about sending my rifle to him but after several emails back and fourth he made me feel comfortable about doing it. I talk about what I wanted and he was very receptive on my ideas. He didn't push anything on me. Hell he sounded more charged up then I did. I probably emailed Tim 40 times before sending my rifle to him. He sent me an email when he got it and also during the whole process. He even emailed me a couple of times before he started on the final color to make sure I still wanted it like we had talk about. When he was done with it. He emailed me to let me know he was sending it back. I think I got it like the next day. I was surprised when I opened the box. I couldn't explain the quality that I got from Tim. It was better then I had pictured it and better then I would of ever done it. Very impressed and Very pleased. All I can say is thanks Tim for the great work and the product.

Rich H
North Las Vegas


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