Shipping Instructions

Your guide to secure and efficient firearm shipping.

At Acoating, we understand the importance of safety and precision in shipping your firearms. Follow our detailed instructions to ensure your items are prepared correctly for their journey.

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Shipping Box with Firearm

Prepare Your Firearm for Shipment

Ensure your firearm arrives safely and is ready for servicing with our detailed shipping instructions.

Checklist for Disassembled Firearms

Verify that you have included all necessary components for your specific firearm model. This ensures a swift and efficient service process.

Important Shipping Guidelines

  • Download and include the completed Shipping Checklist and FFL License Info from our website.
  • Direct shipping to and from Acoating is mandatory for service.
  • Securely pack your item, utilizing bubble wrap for optimal protection.
  • Label your package correctly and opt for Delivery Signature Service.

Carrier Recommendations

Select Usps Priority Flat Rate Boxes for parts and Long Guns. Use discretion when labeling your package to avoid potential theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Requirements:
All firearms must be shipped to our FFL. Direct shipping is crucial for repair or refinishing services.
Disassembly for Coating:
Disassembled parts are accepted. Please list all components included in your shipment for coating.

Expert Tips for Shipping

  • Ensure the firearm is completely unloaded before shipping.
  • DO NOT include ANY ammunition in your shipment.
  • Provide clear contact details and a summary of the requested service.
  • Package In Bubble Wrap sufficient enough for packaging to be reused upon return ride home.
  • Packaging Materials sufficient to meet the Carriers Requirements to be eligible for Insurance Claim Coverage if Issue Arises. 

For additional queries or support, reach out to us directly at We're here to assist you through every step of the process.