Turnaround Time

Completion of your project at Acoating varies depending on several factors. Here's how you can ensure a smooth process and prevent delays.

Understanding the Timeline

Completion times have historically ranged from 2-4 weeks for most items. Camouflage projects may extend to 6-8 weeks or more, depending on complexity and requirements. We strive to complete your project as swiftly as possible.

Steps to Prevent Delays

  1. Decide on your project details and check the pricing guide or email for an estimate.
  2. Submit your project information using our order form.
  3. Ensure proper packaging for the safe return of your item post-service.
  4. Ship with signature required to ensure secure delivery to us.
  5. Include all necessary contact information and payment choice with your item.
  6. Disassemble only the parts you intend to have coated and include them with your item.
  7. Email us upon shipment, and expect a confirmation upon its arrival.
  8. Any updates or necessary adjustments to your project will be communicated for your approval.

By following these steps, you help us ensure your project is completed efficiently and returned to you promptly. We value your business and look forward to adding your testimonial to our list of satisfied customers.