Unmatched Durability with Cerakote Coatings

Discover the ultimate firearm finish with Cerakote. Enhance your firearm‘s durability, resistance, and overall appearance with a custom Cerakote coating.

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Abrasion Resistance

Cerakote coatings provide unparalleled abrasion resistance, ensuring your firearm withstands the test of time and use.

Corrosion Protection

Protect your investment from rust and corrosion with Cerakote‘s superior chemical resistance properties.

UV Stability

Maintain the vibrant color and finish of your firearm with Cerakote‘s excellent UV stability, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Chemical Resistance

From oils to solvents, Cerakote coatings resist a wide range of chemicals, keeping your firearm looking pristine.

Affordable Cerakote Services

Discover top-quality Cerakote services at competitive prices. Our affordable Cerakote coatings provide superior durability and performance, ensuring your firearms are protected in style without breaking the bank. Whether you're a professional shooter or a firearm enthusiast, our services are designed to offer the best value for your investment.

Explore our range of Cerakote applications—from tactical and camouflage to decorative finishes. Our expert team ensures precise application, giving your firearms a lasting finish that resists wear, corrosion, and fading. Trust us to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your gear with our industry-leading techniques and materials.

Hardness Test Image


Evaluate the resistance to deformation under load.

Flexibility Test Image


Assess the ability to withstand bending and flexing.

Chemical Resistance Test Image

Chemical Resistance

Test against common solvents and chemicals.

Adhesion Test Image


Measure the bond strength to various substrates.

Abrasion Test Image


Determine resistance to surface wear from friction.

Generation Test Image


Check the effectiveness in visual and NIR camouflage.

Friction Test Image


Examine the coefficient of friction under different conditions.

Corrosion Test Image


Discover Cerakote's superior corrosion resistance in our detailed corrosion test.

Durability Test Image


Ensures long-lasting protection and maintains the integrity of your firearms even under the toughest conditions.

"Wow!!! what a beautiful job! Colors matched perfectly, my Beretta Cougar Inox looks better than the factory finish. As far as I‘m concerned you‘re the best certified Cerakote finisher around! I will be sending you more business all the way from PA. Thanks again."

- Customer

Choose from a wide range of durable and vibrant Cerakote colors to customize your firearm exactly the way you want.

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